Friday, February 24, 2012

These five ingredients make up the basis of all photographs,


Colour: The arrangement of colours in a photograph will help you create the illusion of depth or a three dimensional composition.
Warm colours (Red, Yellows) will ascend from a photograph while cool colours (Greens, Blue) will resend in a photograph.
Colours and their relationships to one another is a very powerful tool when it comes to organizing your photograph.

Horizontal Lines:
imply, restfulness, tranquillity, peacefulness.
Low horizon lines emphasize the sky, spaces, and distance.
High horizons emphasize close proximity, and objects in the foreground.

are made up of Lines and Shapes.
In colour photography, lines and shapes are often
formed entirely by colour.
Patterns exist almost everywhere. You only have
to open your heart and mind to discover them.

: An implied texture,  dried mud, weathered wood, soft grasses, sandstone etc., all have textures that can be photographed. Texture is most commonly brought out with an oblique angle of light, (sidelight) which, in skimming the surface of the object, records the pockets of contrast, and picks up the hairs, cracks, curls, and ridges to create the textured effect.
Soft, diffuse light also works well, if there is enough contrast to define the texture.