Sunday, November 3, 2013

Image Stabilization for Canon - Vibration Reduction for Nikon

Image Stabilization ( Canon) and vibration reduction (Nikon) lenses look for vibrations in your camera in order to reduce it – however if they don’t find any (like when you are using a Tripod) they can actually cause it to happen – and as a result  cause camera shake to occur.

If you’re hand holding your camera in lower light situations switch on IS/VR – if your camera is tripod mounted – switch the IS/VR off.

The Exception – there is always an exception to any rule and in the case of IS/VR it is important to know that there are some DSLR lenses that can actually sense and account for when you’re using a tripod (Canon calls it tripod detection – a feature added in 2000). As a result you don’t need to switch image stabilization off at all.

As a result – a second ‘rule’ comes into play – ‘read your lens manual and you won’t go wrong’.