Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't wait for the smile

Taking photos of your baby/children in whatever situation they’re in, whether they are being serious, curious, grumpy, sleepy, silly or sad.
For truer lifestyle photo’s, shooting how people are naturally is what makes photography truly editorial and photojournalistic. These are the kinds of images that will tell a story or show an emotion. Don’t just wait for a smile.
Remember, be respectful if they have just fallen and are in pain, for instance. It may not be a good idea to be in their face with your camera. But if you can discreetly snap a shot with a zoom lens, then by all means go for it.
From that shot, you can capture mum soothing her baby or dad kissing his little one, which are moments to be treasured.
Too often photographers wait for the “perfect” timing to snap a shot, when baby is smiling, or when the child is looking straight into the camera, when they stop playing to look up.
Capture the natural moments and you will capture personalities and stories behind the faces.
Remember to relax and enjoy your photography


  1. This doesn't just apply to photographing children either. Some of the best shots ever taken of me where candid moments. Ask me to smile for the camera (as you well know) and I will end up looking suspiciously posed and certainly not natural

  2. Great tip, I love this one. :)

  3. So glad you're back, thanks again for your post have been practising madly with lots of your ideas. Have a great day my friend.

    always Wendy