Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Waterproof?

It’s always great to be able to look back of those wonderful family holidays and special days out and what better way to do that than with great snapshots? Of course the trouble is, especially here in Australia, a lot of our outdoor activities are centred around the water – the beach, the pool, fishing,  boating or water skiing.

Now cameras and water don’t mix, as I found out when I overturned my kayak and drowned my Panasonic Lumix while photographing the wild birds along the banks of a creek.

 Nowadays when I go kayaking, I make sure the camera I take with me is one from the great range of Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof products available. These cameras are still capable of taking high quality shots, but they are built to withstand a bit of rough treatment, including submersion to a depth of between 1.5 meters and 10 meters, depending on the make and model. 

With the Dustproof and Shockproof protection, these cameras are also great for all outdoor adventures. 4x4 driving, camping and hiking. Many of the range are even classified as Freezeproof, so they can withstand much lower temperatures such as might be experienced on a trip to the snow in winter time.

In our busy, hectic world, family outings and holidays need to be kept as stress free as possible. The last thing you need is to be worried about one of the kids accidentally dropping the camera in the water or the sand. These cameras are tough, yet compact and stylish and small enough to be tossed into the beach bag with the rest of the paraphernalia.

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