Saturday, October 30, 2010

Before you shoot

Place the point of interest of your scene off-centre
The picture will be more interesting if the horizon or your point of interest is not in the centre of the picture. Put the horizon a third of the way down from the top (or up from the bottom) of the frame, or the subject a third of the way in from the left or right. Experiment until you find a composition that appeals to you.

Include people for scale
A cliff may not look all that big; especially in a photo—until you put a person next to or in front of it. Including a person adds a sense of awe by showing the sheer size of your subject

Use lines to lead the eye
Lines, such as a road, a river, or a fence, direct attention into your picture. Select a spot or an angle where major lines in the scene lead your eye toward the main centre of interest.

Avoid distractions
Is there a rubbish bin in the foreground? Power lines  overhead?  A tree or pole growing out of your subjects head? Check everything in the viewfinder and reposition yourself to eliminate any distraction

Include an interesting object in the foreground
A branch, a rock, a fence, include an object in the foreground to add depth to your picture.

Include a strong point of interest
Your eye needs a place to rest in the picture, so include something of interest—a clump of colourful flowers, a cloud in the sky, a mountain, a tree, a boat.

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