Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Different Perspective

Get Down Low
Change your perspective and improve your photography.

Have you ever wondered why so many photos look ordinary?
 It starts with our perception, in other words how we as people usually see things. We see things from where we’re standing or sitting. Seeing at eye level alone makes up 80% of our waking hours. Add to that, when most people take photos, they usually do it from a standing position. If we shoot an image the same way we see it, there’s a good chance that’s how everyone will see it.
So in order to make your photos distinctive, you must show something in a different way. Try another perspective.
Try this for an exercise; get down low, firstly get on your knees and take some shots, then try lying on your stomach and take some more, finally stand up and take some from your normal stance. Compare your images and you will be surprised at the difference in your shots


  1. I've seen wedding photographers do this. Now...to try it when no one is looking! ;)